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Rotate around bounding box center poorly documented
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See here, issues I find with the description:

  • The bounding box seems not to play any role in the pivot determination. This might be a blender bug or I might be misunderstanding the functionality. See the attached bbox.blend file, which contains a cube which has its origin shifted to one of the corners. The bbox of the cube is still the whole cube, but when the pivot is set to bbox center the rotation is around the corner, not the center. Perhaps it's the bounding box of object centers that is used (when multiple objects are selected), that is not completely clear to me as the text under In object mode reads "More precisely, the centers of objects are taken into account." But if that's the case then showing bounding boxes of individual objects, as in the top figure, makes no sense.
  • It lists the hot key as comma, but it's period

This is with 2.81.12 (git 3e230cecf0c5) on Arch Linux.



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While this could work differently this is working as intended.

The bound-box calculation runs on all points being rotated, not on an object level.

Right, so in object mode and edit mode the behaviour is different (bbox of object centers, versus bbox of selected vertices/edges/faces). So I still think the first picture on that page ("Relationship between an Object and its Bounding Box") is putting readers on the wrong foot. No bbox of the object is ever used, so why show it as such? If it is to explain the concept of a bounding box then showing the bbox of objects centers would make more sense.

Plus, the mentioned hotkey is wrong, but that appears to be the case for all pivot point chapters?

No bbox of the object is ever used, so why show it as such?

Take it as brain training for the new fake-news world. Once you get what it really does, you can simply ignore what it says :-)