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Viewport: Retopology Overlay
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Jeroen Bakker (jbakker)
Sep 26 2019, 11:17 AM
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Created this subtask for testing several drawing techniques in order to create the Retopology overlay. Based on several implementation we can chose the best technique.

Biggest issues are that the wires should be visible on top of other meshes, but still be occluded by them.
The most common technique is to shift the depth buffer, but that will still introduce rendering atifacts.

The options we know so far we want to prototype are

  • Backface depth test buffer
  • Frontface depth test buffer
  • Average of Back and front face buffer

note: Above options still artifacts when looking on edges of meshes, but those are actually edge cases that might not be that disturbing but we need to test.

Please keep comments related to this topic.

This is with backfacing depth test. Results are ok when retopology mesh is finished

but when having a non-manifold mesh it will still render artifacts.

Using a stencil buffer to remove render artifacts introduces sharp edges

As non-manifolds is part of the process we should find ways how to remove these render artifacts.

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We're hiding parts of meshes, so we're able to get rid of depth tests on hardware, providing the power to display complex models during retopology.

100% quad manifold surface, made by manual retopology:

@Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc) Sorry, I don't get what you want to tell.

@Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc) Sorry, I don't get what you want to tell.

Keep it up, you are making great job, keeping patch at low performance loss level.

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I struggled with this for a long time, and finally found a workaround... not sure if this is of any help, but I can hide now undesired back faces in edit mode when doing the retopo. I just create instanced copy, set to in front, and turn back faces culling on. That way the hi-poly mesh is hiding my editing mesh, and in front instance is showing the vertices that are in front