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Weightpaint/Vertexpaint falloff custom brush presets are not indicated
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not really a bug, not really a feature suggestion, it is missing in my opinion...

when chosing the custom brush setting for the falloff in either paint option I tend to watch the curve and click through the different presets. watching the curve is important. knowing which preset is selected is important too. but it is not indicated which preset of a brush is selected in any way. I think it is more obvious and userfriendly to highlight the preset selected until the user moves the curve parameters just to know where you are.

also I think the falloff grid is distorted. select form 3, the pointy brush, root falloff, the preview icon is much sharper than the curve that you can manipulate then.

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well a bug is something that is broken and in the worst case makes blender crash. This is wrong behaviour of the software thought it totally works the way it is now, but wrong. at least the falloff grid distortion.

If you can make it crash, please create a new report with all the requested information, a .blend file and exact steps to reproduce the problem: