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Fluid inflow ignores armature translations if preserve volume is toggled
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Blender 2.8 - system-info.txt attached

With Preserve Volume toggled in an armatured obstacle, If I use a fluid inflow to attempt to collide with an obstacle inside a domain, and if the obstacle has been moved with an armature bone, it will be treated as if it's still in the default position. If preserve volume in the obstacle armature is turned off, this issue goes away. Export Animated Mesh is also toggled.

I've attached a file with a simple cube with an armature that has been moved. If you bake the simulation as is, with the armature's Preserve Volume on, it will not collide. If you turn Preserve Volume off and rebake, it will collide normally.



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Could it be related to this: T70531 ?

Damnit. I thought I checked well. Yes, that's the exact one. Sorry about that!

It's not the same bug, but it's really similar. I think it's being tackled, though. Well, maybe it is the same. I don't know, use your judgement on whether to label this a duplicate or not. But it might help to put your files in the other thread if this is a duplicate.