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Loop Cut + Slide Verticies issue
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Blender Version
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Short description of error

My goal was to add an edge loop and slide it down to tighten the corners of my glass when smoothing. When I add the loop and try to slide it down, it doesn't move all verticies.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Based on the default startup or an attached .blend file (as simple as possible).

I've attached the file showing the results. To Repo, remove the highlighted edge shown in the picture. Then select loop cut to add the edge back. Press Shift V to slide the edge. At this point you "should notice the issue". I've tried several times but it keeps doing the same thing so I'm assuming this is a bug. I'm a beginner at modeling so it could also be something wrong with the model but I've looked into that and can't find anything.



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Found nothing wrong with your mesh, "Remove vertices by distance" and "Select non-manifold" hadn't shown anything wrong. I can reproduce the "issue": Delete Edge Loops, Deselect all, Loop Cut and Slide, LMB click, Esc, Vertex Slide, Mouse move not only along desired edges but SIDEWAYS too.

I'm not consider it an issue. Look at your file with result from bottom direction and you'll see that out-of-order vertex had moved sideways and not exactly on its vertical edge (edge now split in two). That means it had slided sideways instead of to the top of the glass. By moving the mouse you not only slide but also choosing the edge for every vertex to slide along. So by moving mouse sideways i was able to get even more "buggy" results.

My recommendation is not to hit Esc after Loop Cut and Slide and LMB click but perform slide in one go with Loop Cut and Slide, that way operation is not affected by mouse sideways moves.

To add to what @Aleksander Tarkhanov (stark) said, when you already have a loop and need to slide it, shift+v (Vertex Slide) isn't necessarily the tool you want to use. Look in the tool buttons on the left, fourth from the bottom should be the Edge Slide. This tool slides whole edges (you need to select them before using it). A default hotkey for invoking it directly is gg (not a typo, that's double tap g).

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I agree with @Aleksander Tarkhanov (stark) and @Stanislav Blinov (radcapricorn) here.
Using Vert Slide (instead of Edge Slide) in a situation like this has a high chance of indicating the "wrong" edge to slide on for particular vertices (as you are indicating this with the mouse direction).

Will close this, Edge Slide is the better tool for this job (and this is not really a bug in Vert Slide)