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Create Photo Albums
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Suggested schema:

  • Title
  • Slug
  • Order
  • License
  • Cover image (16:9)

Albums should be available at:




displays a list of albums. If there is only one album, redirect to the list of photos inside of it.

  • When creating a new edition, create a default album
  • When uploading pictures, put them in the default album (unless upload them to the relative album if the url is /<edition>/photos/<album-slug>/upload

Event Timeline

This is now implemented (with extremely basic templates) in feature/albums.

I'm not sure if creating a default album is the way to go since it hides the existence of albums. Right now, whenever there is no album, I just show a "this edition doesn't have any albums yet" message when you go to /<edition>/photos. This way the user immediately knows about the existence of albums and that he/she has to create one.

The templates right now are really basic since I wasn't sure if you want me or @Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) to make them nice :).