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2.81 Outliner: inconsistent selection and context menu
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Blender Version
Broken: 2.81, 2.82

In outliner, "Select" and "Select Objects" menu items select objects in 3D viewport, but not in the outliner. This makes these options unusable for selecting (disjoint) groups of objects.

  1. In the default scene, make a new collection and move one of the objects into it, let's say the Camera.
  2. In the Outliner, right click "Collection" and choose "Select Objects". Cube and light become selected, but there's no outliner selection background on them.
  3. In the Outliner, Ctrl-click the Camera.

Expected behavior: all three objects selected, Camera active.
Current behavior: Cube and Light are deselected, Camera is selected and active.

Furthermore, while an object is active in the outliner, right-clicking anything else in the Outliner brings up the Object context menu. So, for example, on cannot right-click a collection and see the "Select Objects" option.



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This seems like it belongs in the paper cut thread and not the bug tracker:

For suggestions on how to improve the UI, please use other channels:

What in the... what?!? Paper cuts? For this, really?!

You know what... whatever. If that's not a bug, then I don't know what is anymore. Until there's an actual documentation for the new outliner, I'll just consider every single inconsistency a feature. Outliner that selects but not selects, feature, got it.