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Duplicate macro faulty after rotation
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Blender Version
Broken: 2.79 and above
Worked: 2.78c

Short description
The "duplicate and move" macro fails to remember translation for redo after it's been switched to rotation at least once.

Exact steps to reproduce

  1. Load the default scene
  2. Select the cube
  3. Duplicate it with shift+d, immediately switch to rotation with r, move the mouse and click to confirm.
  4. Note that the redo panel correctly reflects the rotation angle.
  5. Press shift+r a few times and note that the cube is duplicated and rotated correctly.
  6. Press shift+d, and this time simply move the cube and confirm.
  7. Note that this time translation in redo panel is 0 (or incorrectly set) for all three axes.
  8. Press shift+r a few times and note that the cube is duplicated but not moved.

Demo video



Event Timeline

Looks the same with 2.79. 2.78c behaves correctly.

Germano Cavalcante (mano-wii) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Needs Information from User.Thu, Nov 7, 6:43 PM

Please take some time to make an appropriate report by following our submission template and guidelines.
I don't know if you got it right because I cannot reproduce the problem.

@Germano Cavalcante (mano-wii), updated the task as requested. Sorry, I assumed this would be looked at in concert with the other task.

Germano Cavalcante (mano-wii) raised the priority of this task from Needs Information from User to Confirmed, Medium.

I spent a lot of time investigating this and just got more confused by problems involving Macro, Last Properties, Undo, Redo ...

I got intrigued by this line: wm_event_system.c$1308
Sometimes idp_src, although representing the property with name "value", it considers idp_src->len to be 0 instead of 3.
I don't know where this change happened (you can't just keep following the pointers).

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), would you mind taking a look at this?