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Keyframe Lock Properties
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64 bits (10.0, compilation 17134)
Graphics card: AMD Ryzen 5 1500x Quad-Core Processor

Blender Version 2.8 Official release

Insert keyframe and keyframe sets keyframe locked channels and keyframeSet whole character not working well

The problem is that every time I make a keyframe he makes a key on every channel.
Typically I use visual locations and rotation and even with the channel locked he keys the locked channels and you say well its supported because you select that keyset and he over wrights the channel. But there's no option to make a keyframe and he only keys the channels thats without the lock. The options in the menus dont work, insert only available or available keysets. If you are lost I can make it simples.
Arm - Loc - locked Rot- available Scale- Locked now imagine different locks for every part of the body, ones are on the locations others on the rotations and others on the scale. How do you set a keyframe for all the parts of the body that only keys channels that are not locked?

So I searched a lot and found the keyframe whole character that at first glance seem to do the job but for my surprise if you use whole character or whole character selected bones and you select all the bones on your character he only makes keyframes on the first selected bone and not on all the bones and this destroyed again a solution since I dont have patience to select all the 100 bones one by one and make a keyframe. - This gif ilustrated that the whole character selected bones doesn't work

Other softwares offer this solution where when you have a property channel locked you cant move, rotate or insert any type of keyframe. That keeps the channels clean and solve some tech problems.

Exemple how is suppost to work simple and clear:



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Whole Character indeed seems to be the keyingset that excludes locked channels.

For me this is working though (only adds keys on non-locked channels - even on multiple selected bones), see

(note there is also T70447 -- which I will triage/investigate next...)

Can you confirm my file works for you?
If it does than there is something specific about your file, and we would need your .blend file uploaded here so we can reproduce...

Yeh like that works now try to add custom shapes and with connected bones. Like that I can make it work to.

Can confirm in that file.
Thats exactly the same error as in T70447: 'WholeCharacter' Keying set doesn't key the whole character [due to non-editable custom property]. (Traceback error in console) though, will merge these reports...

@iurimonteiro (iurimonteiro) : please continue discussion in T70447, it would be good to know where these custom props come from [you seem to be using the same rig builder as in T70447?]