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Virtual Reality - Milestone 1 - Scene Inspection
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Name: Scene Inspection (or assisted VR).
Commissioner: @Sebastian Koenig (sebastian_k)
Project leader: @Julian Eisel (Severin)
Project members: @Simeon Conzendorf (noemis)
Big picture: Initial virtual reality support for users and foundation for advanced use cases.

Use cases:

  • Artists working for VR games.
  • "Samsung GearVR" / "Google Cardboard" movie making / app development.
  • Directors inspecting + set / previz.


  • VR experience (minus teleport) to be controlled via non-VR UI.
  • User should be able to go on and off VR, without interrupting the work in Blender (so work in blender as usual even if VR is on).
  • VR navigation should be possible from "viewport" (i.e., outside VR).
  • Anchor from VR to scene should be consistent across VR sessions.

Engineer plan:

  • OpenXR support.
  • Integration on ghost level.
  • Affected areas: wm_*, 3dview, keymap, ghost.

Time estimate: ??
Note: In-VR view navigation should not get on the way (postponed if needed).