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Virtual Reality - Milestone 2 - Continuous Immersive Drawing
Confirmed, NormalPublicDESIGN


Name: Continuous immersive drawing (grease pencil, sculpting).
Commissioner: @Daniel Martinez Lara (pepeland)
Project leader: MPX developer (Gorka Mendieta)
Big picture: Grease pencil drawing in VR.
Use cases: Artists starts drawing in viewport switches to VR and then back.

  • Artists should be able to work fully in VR without having to learn new interactions and without breaking the creativity flow.
  • Working in VR shouldn't be distinct than quickly working in orthographic, or quadview, or even EEVEE, or solid.

Engineer plan:

  • Need some R&D to define this better, things we need to address:
    • OpenXR I/O accessible/mappeable via Python/add-on with no performance hit.
    • Simple way to draw in VR (for cursors).
    • How to support draw/sculpt/… in our API but with 3d input?
    • Areas of code that will be affected.

Time estimate: ??
Note: We can have a 1.5 milestone with all the technical requirements for the other milestones like: gizmo, draw, i/o Python mapping, templates / add-ons.

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