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Default Sculpting Template changes
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We would like to make these changes to the default sculpting template for the 2.81 release, which are not present in the versioning code:

  • Use the gray matcap by default
  • Disable cavity (both world and screen cavity)
  • Set the viewport shading color to single and 100% white
  • Set the default sphere mesh to flat shading
  • Set the Fix Poles and Preserve Volume mesh properties to true
  • Set the default voxel size to 0.035 to have a similar geometry density when remeshing the sphere.
  • Use the double column toolbar to fit all tools in the screen



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Annotations should probably be enabled by default too. I've seen some people think the annotate tool is broken in sculpt mode.

I agree. It doesn't really make sense to have them disabled since they are drawn & shown by the user and never actively in the way.

Also a suggestion is to add a shortcut for changing the voxel size. Similar to Dynotopo mode Shift+D. Really speed up workflow. Shift+R would be amazing. But maybe its like a feature request i don't know

Mirror should not be off by default. Symmetry sculpting is the most common form of sculpting there is and thus should remain on by default for newcomers.

It's not the most common, is the most common if you work with characters. When you are working any thing, a terrain, a object,... and begin to sculpt you don't expect that the mirror is activated. It's an option prone to errors.

It is not activate by default in any other software like Zbrush, Substance Painter, mudbox, mari,... I don't see any reason to activate in blender by default

With that logic we must to activate mirror in edit mode by default.

Other thing, Default Layer Height, to 0.2 or 0.1

Also mirror off by default.

No. This template starts with a sphere, it makes sense to have symmetry enabled by default. If the template started empty or with a plane, then it would make sense to turn it off.

And by the way, that gray matcap is horrible for sculpting.

Oh, yes, my fault. I thought that we have talking about default sculpting parameters.

which are not present in the versioning code:

I'm not sure what is meant by this, but all these changes can be made in the versioning code. This is preferred over updating the .blend, since it's easy to break things when doing that.

It probably also makes sense to change the Sculpting workspace in both the General and Sculpting templates.