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Sculpt Vertex Colors
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This task keeps track of all sculpt vertex color/attribute paint related tasks for 2.82

  • Attribute Paint/ Vertex Colors design task: T67520
  • Initial implementation of the new Vertex Color datalayer and a basic paint brush: D5975
  • Rendering support outside sculpt mode
  • Paint brush with all paint attributes and mix modes (Done, waiting for D5975 to update and submit the patch)
  • Color Filter (Done in the sculpt branch)
  • Mask by color operator (Done in the sculpt branch)
  • Sample color (Done in the sculpt branch)
  • Conversion operators between MLoopCol and MVertCol (Done in the sculpt branch)
  • Gradient tool
  • Rename old MLoopCol colors to Face Corner Data
  • Multires support



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Rename old MLoopCol colors to Face Corner Data

It's not clear what is meant by this, or why it's needed.

MLoopCol is an internal name, not exposed in the interface, and there are many kinds of face corner data layers, so removing color from it's name doesn't make sense.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) The idea is to find another name to keep the MLoopCol data available after merging the new vertex colors while preparing the UI to introduce Attribute Paint (T67520). To keep both systems in a release, we should think a name that suggest that the MLoopCol is storing colors, but it can store any kind of data (that is how most people are using them, to store IDs, masks or vectors for game engines or VFX)