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Sidebar does not update pinned panels in other tabs
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System Information
Operating system: Linux 5.3.13 (Manjaro with last updates)
Graphics card: None (internal Intel HD 4600 (Haswell))

Blender Version
Broken: 2.81, 2.82 (build date: 2019-11-28, hash: 4659fa547166)
Worked: ???

Short description of error

Sidebar do not update pinned blocks on selecting tools on toolbar.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Open a new scene of Blender
  2. In object or edit mode press N for activate sidebar if she don't displayed
  3. Click tab Tool on sidebar and checked option Pin by right mouse button on block Active tool
  4. Come back to tab Item on sidebar and try selecting tools on toolbar. Active tool on sidebar do not updated (refreshed)

P.S. The block is updated only if you wheel the mouse on it after selecting tool on sidebar

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Can confirm.

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This seems to have been fixed in the latest master 2.83. So I'm closing it.

Please reopen issue again. Do not working on change tool. Active tool changes when only click on object or hover mouse on block of active tool. Tool change happens in Tool Settings Bar but do not in Active Tool. See video:

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Confirmed using rBf051d47cdbce

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