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Material Properties: Shortcut assignment for the "New" button does not relate to the interface.
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System Information
Operating system: Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 64 Bits
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 980/PCIe/SSE2 NVIDIA Corporation 4.5.0 NVIDIA 425.31

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.81 (sub 16), branch: master, commit date: 2019-11-20 14:27, hash: rB26bd5ebd42e3
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
The shortcut for the big "New" button in Material Properties does not work for the button, which suggests giving a new material to the active slot. Instead it calls and silently creates new materials in the data. This can also be tested with Quick Favorites.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

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Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Fri, Jan 10, 3:13 PM

Think this is a general problem some operators relying [too much] on a certain context.

Will confirm for now though.
I think this was reported before, but cannot find it atm...

CC @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton)
CC @Julian Eisel (Severin)

I have opened the issue a few weeks ago but not standalone:
So here is it again.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) changed the subtype of this task from "Report" to "Known Issue".Tue, Jan 14, 2:25 PM