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Drag&drop of an object into a panel's PointerProperty Object field duplicates the object
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 64 bits
Graphics card: nvidia RTX 2080

Blender Version
Broken: 2.81a

Using an addon having a PointerProperty field targetting objects, doing a drag&drop of an objets from the Outliner into the PointerProperty field duplicates the object. See attached videos.

In the below video, drop is made on the Object field

In the below video, drop is not made on the Object field but still on the panel.

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  • Please attach a simple .blend file for easy reproduction if the issue.
  • Also, provide with a full screen screenshot to show active workspace, panels etc.

The problem can be easily reproduced from the Blender startup state with the following steps:

  1. open Blender with default scene (Cube, Camera, light)
  2. Select the Camera in Outliner, type N to toggle the side panel
  3. In the side panel, go to the View tab and set the Use Local Camera checkbox to enable the Local Camera field. Clear the field with the cross icon if it is filled up
  4. Drag&Drop the Camera object onto the Local Camera field

Actual result: the Local Camera field is filled up with the Camera object and Camera object has been duplicated as Camera.001 in the Outliner and scene.

Expected result: the Local Camera field is filled up with the Camera object and there is no object duplication.

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