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Rigify generate has naming consistency issues
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Blender Version
2.81a release

Rigify generate naming issues

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
• Add a Basic Human metarig from add menu.
• Go into Advanced Option in Armature's generate panel and set it to new.
• fill the name field with anything you like (for example: CH-GUY_rig)
• click on generate

the resulting rig will be named accordingly to the input field but some naming issues will raise on widgets and python rig ui as follows:

rig name: CH-GUY_rig
python ui name:
widgets main object parent: WGTS_CH-GUY_rig
widget objects: WGT-CH-GUY_rig_(bonename)

all names should follow same rule, so that

rig name: CH-GUY_rig

will accordingly set

python ui name: (this was already reported and noticed in T71678
widgets main object parent: WGTS_CH-GUY_rig
widget objects: WGT_CH-GUY_rig_(bonename)

Event Timeline

another naming issue is related to overwrite option.
If in overwrite a new name is set (this option is often used to rename final rig after few raw generate tests) the tool work as expected and renames the selected rig and its correspondent python ui, but instead of renaming widget it creates a new set of widgets.

Also the widget collection should append or prepend the rig name. If not, when linking multiple characters the collection with same name will be renamed to .001 .002 and so on.