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Weld Modifier Improvements
Confirmed, NormalPublicTO DO



Although the current state of the weld modifier already solves almost all cases,
it is always good to have more options that allow for better control over mesh transformations and better performance control.


  • Seams: restrict welding to vertices along boundary edges.
  • Edge Collapse: collapse edges below the length threshold.

There will be two methods available:

  • Simple (default)

    This would be a fast weld operation that would support common welding operations - weld-seams/collapse-edges although other cases could be supported in the future.

    Merging geometry that would cause degenerate faces will be skipped (this requires much more complex operation to properly handle).
  • Full

    Current implementation that perform a full merge-by-distance, with support for resolving degenerate cases, documented to be much slower then the Simple operation.


  • Fast by default, for merging boundaries of disconnected surfaces.
  • The ability only to merge a small subset of vertices should speed up the operation in most real world uses.


  • The Full merge-by-distance code uses a method that depends on vertex order (picking all vertices closest to vertices at the start of the mesh). This means changing the vertex order of the input may cause the result to *jitter*.
  • The Simple method will have limitations which might be hard to understand. Ideally we wouldn't have to select between two methods.