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Crash with links and Make proxy
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9900k 2080ti Win10
Crash in both versions: Blender 2.8 and last build 2.82 Beta 81b7f8efaf7a

We work on The Diddlys animation with more complex rigging.
After we make the link to the character and Make Proxy to it is all fine.
But after I save and reopen the file is not open the file and crash.

Is tested already by other 2 people from our team.

I made a video demonstration for step by step:

Blend file:

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Can confirm.
Here is the file after linking and making proxies:

Crash happens e.g. for this object DEE Airplane sliders names (that is a font object as a custom bone display object)

CurveRenderData *rdata = curve_render_data_create(cu, ob->runtime.curve_cache, mr_flag);
/* DispLists */
ListBase *lb = &rdata->ob_curve_cache->disp;

lb is NULL

1   curve_render_surface_vert_len_get       draw_cache_impl_displist.c 73   0x360a251 
2   DRW_displist_vertbuf_create_pos_and_nor draw_cache_impl_displist.c 189  0x360a8ea 
3   DRW_curve_batch_cache_create_requested  draw_cache_impl_curve.c    1032 0x3609b2b 
4   drw_batch_cache_generate_requested      draw_cache.c               3416 0x3605347 
5   drw_shgroup_bone_custom_solid           overlay_armature.c         569  0x3638656 
6   draw_bone_custom_shape                  overlay_armature.c         1541 0x363ad84 
7   draw_armature_pose                      overlay_armature.c         2175 0x363ca41 
8   OVERLAY_armature_cache_populate         overlay_armature.c         2319 0x363d41c 
9   OVERLAY_cache_populate                  overlay_engine.c           313  0x35e8cbe 
10  drw_engines_cache_populate              draw_manager.c             1145 0x359490b 
11  DRW_draw_render_loop_ex                 draw_manager.c             1569 0x3595aea 
12  DRW_draw_view                           draw_manager.c             1485 0x35956c1 
13  view3d_draw_view                        view3d_draw.c              1532 0x3f8604e 
14  view3d_main_region_draw                 view3d_draw.c              1556 0x3f860f3 
15  ED_region_do_draw                       area.c                     534  0x3928338 
16  wm_draw_window_offscreen                wm_draw.c                  634  0x32af13c 
17  wm_draw_window                          wm_draw.c                  770  0x32af6bb 
18  wm_draw_update                          wm_draw.c                  952  0x32afc93 
19  WM_main                                 wm.c                       423  0x32ac7c4

Also note that even if I remove all font objects from the original Dee & Dum.blend, crash will still occur [looks like blender keeps them around if they are used as custom bone display object]

Will now look into making a simpler repro case here...

Hm, simplest try at recreating something like this survives [of course :)]...

Needs more investigation...
@pistol ioan (pistoltoto) : if you can come up with a simpler testcase, that would also help...

I'm sorry but I really don't know how to make a more simple test case.
We have encountered this problem only in this case, but for other characters we don't encounter this problem.

Can you please help us with this bug, as is really vital for our whole animation that we worked 1 year already

As a workaround, you can just enable in Viewports (monitor icon):

  • the DUM WIDGETS, DUM menu sliders name collections and all font objects inside DUM menu sliders name
  • the DEE WIDGETS, DEE menu sliders name collections and all font objects inside DEE menu sliders name

in the source file Dee & Dum.blend.
Linking the Character DUM and Character DEE collections into a new file, Making Proxies, then saving and reloading survives then...

Of course this is just a workaround, those font objects will be visible when first linked and you can only turn OFF visibility by using the eye icon then.
But maybe this workaround will do for now?

Thank you really much Philipp,
You really save us with this workaround 👍👍👍👍

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Either @pistol ioan (pistoltoto) or @Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk), please provide some steps to reproduce this issue. I can open the files from just fine without any crash. The originally uploaded file is too complex for a developer to analyze.

Yeah, suvives like I said. Can have a look again tomorrow if I can come up with something

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No activity for more than a week. As per the tracker policy we assume the issue is gone and can be closed.

Thanks again for the report. If the problem persists please open a new report with the required information.