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Library overrides
Confirmed, HighPublicTO DO


Status: Milestones are agreed on, needs per-milestone work plan tasks. Needs link to the video showcasing the current issues.


Commissioner: @Andy Goralczyk (eyecandy) @Hjalti Hjálmarsson (hjalti) Tangent Animation (pending specific names)
Project leader: @Bastien Montagne (mont29)
Project members: @Julian Eisel (Severin)


Big picture: Replace animation proxy system, and support local changes from linked data.

Use cases:

  • Animators using proxies for animation.
  • Multiple instances of the same character with different animations.
  • Multiple instances of the same character with variations (e.g., material tweaks, ...).
  • Set dressing with local variations of instanced assets.
  • Override linked in character with cached animation [cache modifier]


  • Access feasibility of auto-override - direct change of linked data
  • Need storage optimization document
  • Need final signed off design for outliner interaction
  • Need final design for the ID template

Engineer plan:
None - underlying code is already implemented.

Work plan

Milestone 1 - Usability Pass

Milestone 2 - Proxy Replacement

  • Add an operator to convert from existing proxies to new lib overrides.
  • Implement real override of Action data-blocks (not editing existing fcurves, but being able to add or delete some, and control drivers better).
  • Implement real override of shapekeys data-blocks (not editing existing shapekeys, but being able to add new ones, and change influence of existing ones).

Milestone 3 - Storage Optimization

  • Do not store whole Mesh data-block in overrides, this is useless and uses a lot of disk space (other obdata IDs are much less critical on that regard, being much lighter).
  • ShapeKeys may need investigation here as well.

Milestone 4 - Material

  • Solve issues related to the weird way materials are linked to object or obdata.

Milestone 5 - Remove Legacy
Removing proxy will only happen on some compatibility-breaking release, as we do not plan to have do-version for them. This is therefor a rather long-term goal.

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