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Design: Shading: Extend Clamp and Map Range nodes to work with Vectors
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I'd like to make these nodes work with vector inputs and outputs.

It's unclear to me as the the best way of doing this.

Some options:

  • Separate Nodes : Create separate versions of these nodes with Vector sockets.
  • Dynamic : Use a dynamic socket. This is better from a UX perspective but how do we show this? For these two nodes, they are pretty pointless without a value input so the edit control could be hidden. The node then operates accordingly depending on the input link.

  • Mode Switch : Add vector input and output sockets and add a mode switch to hide the unwanted input socket.
  • Double Sockets : Add vector input and output sockets and depending what is connected. For vector only input, Vector > Float & Vector. For float only input, Float > Float & Vector. If both inputs are connected do Float > Float and Vector > Vector.

For the combined cases, the node would output and show both Value and Vector.

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Added initial patch: D6726 Map Range Node only
This adds an additional Vector output and changes Float input to a Vector. For backwards compatibility, it doesn't currently convert RGBA sockets to BW.

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