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[naming] Rip Edge vs Rip Vertices and Extend
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It seems there is inconsistency in the naming of the Rip tool.

In the toolbar, it's called Rip Region and Rip Edge.

In the menu:

Additionally, there are a couple of things that seem confusing to me:

  1. Rip Region does not describe what the tool does precisely, as it rips vertices and edges only.
  1. Rip Edge does not rip edges, but vertices; technically you can rip an edge, but you don't want to ;)
  1. the name of the tool: "Rip Vertices", but the description says: "Rip polygons."
  1. there is no equivalent in the Edge menu, eg. "Rip Edge and Extend"

P.S. I've just discovered there is a UI Paper Cuts topic in the Forums, so if I should have posted this issue there, I apologize! ;)

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Agree these names are confusing. If you have a better suggestion. feel free to comment on this task:

Until then, I will have to close this report since it's not a bug.