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Opening file over brush preview.
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System Information
Operating system: Windows-10-10.0.18362-SP0 64 Bits
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 950M/PCIe/SSE2 NVIDIA Corporation 4.5.0 NVIDIA 441.87

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.83 (sub 1), branch: master, commit date: 2020-01-27 21:31, hash: rB5df494d75c9a

Short description of error
The selected file, open text and cancel settings disappear and the file fails to open, when trying to open over the brush texture preview.

Event Timeline

Julian Eisel (Severin) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Feb 4 2020, 5:14 PM
Julian Eisel (Severin) triaged this task as Low priority.
Julian Eisel (Severin) changed the subtype of this task from "Report" to "Bug".

Can confirm this, also with 2.81. I'm not sure what's going on. No event is sent to the file browser specific code, it's seems to be stuck somewhere (think in the UI region handler).