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Custom Properties Improved UI
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Aaron Carlisle (Blendify)
Feb 14 2020, 6:01 PM
"Love" token, awarded by lopoIsaac."Love" token, awarded by billreynish."Love" token, awarded by zNight."Love" token, awarded by Shimoon."Love" token, awarded by chironamo.


Current UI:

  • Allow reordering of custom properties in ways that make the most sense to an artist
  • Allow editing from the sidebar
  • Decrease the space between properties
  • Using an 'X' icon to delete
  • User and edit icon instead of "Edit"
  • Better location of icons
  • Group properties by the selected object/bone (see image)
  • Add a drop-down to select the data type
  • Allow the use of checkboxes to represent booleans