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Transform object origin support for collection instances
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The only option to change the origin of an instanced collection is to use "set origin".
Empty object, that is created as the origin of an instanced collection, cannot be rotated or moved when "Options -> Affect Only -> Origins" is turned on.

How to reproduce:
See the file included. (try to move or rotate the origin)

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This is technically not a bug, it is simply not supported yet.
Instances (which are empties really), dont really have data to move, but the collection has the "offset to origin" which we could use here.
(as you have pointed out, this is already taken into account when doing something like "Set Origin")

But since I have something going already (will post a Diff soonish), will tag as TODO [looks like something very useful to have]

Patch will support this in ED_object_data_xform_container_update_all, so will make it work for instances in

  • snap_selected_to_location
  • snap_sel_to_grid
  • clear_transform

For "real" transform, the is a little tweak I need to do still (regarding the xds->obdata_in_obmode_map), but that should also work out I guess...
Stay tuned.

Thanks for fixing it in such a short order.

Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) renamed this task from Affect only -> Origins doesn't work with instanced collections to Transform object origin support for collection instances.Tue, Mar 17, 1:51 PM