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Auto Track Addon For 2.8x
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The Autotrack addon in blender 2.79 was really useful for automated tracking like expensive trackers in industry to save time from manual tracking. The VFX artists like me would really love to have it back. I found one 2.8 port but i guess it has to be fixed. Kindly contribute to the code and let us have this amazing addon... atleast in experimental area.

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sar, it stops tracking after exact 9 frames... would you please look and tell us when you have time... take care

Thanks for the report, but please use other channels for user feedback and feature requests:

For more information on why this isn't considered a bug, visit:

wait so can i use this for 2.8 or not?

wait so can i use this for 2.8 or not?

yes you can use it...