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Video Editing: Strip Offset Start/End not consistent with adjusting the strip handles
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System Information
Operating system: Win 10, 64bit
Graphics card: no (CPU)

Blender Version
Broken: (v 2.82a) and also (v 2.83 Alpha, Date 2020-03-18 17:16, Hash c9c08dc7c873)

Short description of error
From the Manual:
Strip Offset Start/End [...] This is the same as adjusting the strip handles.

However currently it is NOT really the same, which adds a lot of confusion to the already complicated concept that includes several offsets:

Detailed description of error

  • Good: Extend the Strip using Handles: The Strip gets a helpful color code. The "animated" part is colored. The extended "NOT animated / last frame repeated" part is transparent.
  • Bug: Extend the Strip using Strip Offset: "Animated" and extended parts of the Strip get the same color.
  • Good: Shorten the Strip using Handles: Strip Offset is correctly calculated.
  • Bug: Extend the Strip using the Handles (or Extend Keyboard E or Slide Keyboard S): Strip Offset is incorrectly reset to 0.
  • Good: Handles: The Strip can not be shortened past the last "animated" frame.
  • Bug: Strip Offset: The Strip can be shortened, until no "animated" frame is left, and even further until the Duration becomes negative.
  • Bug: Using Slide Keyboard S, the "animated" frames can be moved completely outside the Strip. At least one "animated" frame should remain inside the Strip.

To further improve clarity, I would

  • rename Hold Offset Start/End to Trim Source Start/End
  • change Hold Offset Start/End tooltip to "Shortens the Strip by skipping frames at the start/end of the source"
  • add Strip Offset Start/End tooltip to "Extends the trimmed strip by repeating it's first/last frame or shortens it further"
  • make End editable (it should do the same, as moving the right strip handle)
  • add End tooltip "X position where the strip ends"
  • change Duration tooltip "The length of this strip after applying Trim and Strip Offset"

If you feel very courageous

  • change Start so that it points to the start of the Strip (currently it points to the first "animated" frame)

I think, Blender heavily depends on Start, while it happily ignores Strip Offset Start and Strip Offset End. So, changing the internal meaning of Start likely makes a huge mess. However, maybe you can introduce and display a new variable "display start" or "strip start" instead, that does the trick, without messing too much with the internals.

Happy Coding!

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This definitely deserves some cleanup. Some issues are already reported, so I won't be adressing everything here.

I will update description before I will work on this.

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