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Profile and optimize modifiers
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During Animation Playback a fair amount of time is spend for modifier evaluation. We should profile and optimize the most common modifiers used during animation playback.

The next list contains the modifiers and related topics that could be improved

  • SIMD instruction for madd operators (or reduce the number of calls)
  • Armature Modifier
  • Mesh Deform Modifier
  • Corrective Smooth Modifier
  • Lattice Modifier
  • Subdivision
    • Reuse UV Layer Subdivision Result
    • Try to make subdiv-specific topology-changed check more reusable
  • Ensure at any point of modifier we don't have more CD_* than we have to

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100 on the point "Reuse UV Layer Subdivision Result". Thats the main reason why the file in T75579 is slow.

For the subdivision surface we should look into sparse patches [1]. It should help with performance with meshes with a lot of non-regular vertices/faces (where refining topology is single threaded and is slow because of a lot of neighborhood lookups to be made).