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Chat: Improve css for threaded conversations
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In an effort to have more open communications we have recently re-enabled threaded conversions, which have been working well, except for the display of threaded talk in the main channel where the messages have lost both the sender and timestamp and displaying just a tiny version of the users avatar. Making conversations less open cause there's no way to tell who is talking (beyond the few high profile users who's avatar people may recognize) or when things were said.

@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) suggested we may be able to fix this in css and asked for a task.

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Ray molenkamp (LazyDodo) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Apr 8 2020, 7:36 PM
Ray molenkamp (LazyDodo) created this task.

Adding in a persons name would not just be CSS as the name isnt anywhere in the dom - increasing the Image size, sure. Never looked into the backend of RocketChat but i'm sure it's possible :) Happy to look into it if @Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) doesn't have time.

I thought the point with threads though was that you open the thread on the right and continue the conversation there - where you can see names and timestamps, and the text in chat was just a notification that a new comment has been added to the thread.

Adding in a persons name would not just be CSS as the name isnt anywhere in the dom

The name is actually in the alt attribute of the image, and also as a custom data-username attribute, so you could use CSS to hide the image and show it as text instead with something like content: attr(alt). It would still be a hack and tricky to get it to work reliable (with long usernames and such).

I don't have time to work on this at the moment, if @Mike Newbon (mikenewbon) wants to have a go at it sure, but there is nothing in the backend of RocketChat that allows you to do this, the Threads feature settings is literally one switch:

All tweaks are done with pure CSS.