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Manual TODOs referring to very outdated Blender versions
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Throughout the manual there are many TODO's in the text, many of which refer to very old versions of Blender. Although having a TODO there clearly serves a function, having an old version number looks weird and I don't think it serves any function.


Searching the manual for TODO shows up quite a few more. Can these version numbers be removed?

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These help people that would want to fill them in know about which version the feature was added. This helps them look into the release notes to possibly find an explanation of the feature.

Maybe they can be hidden in html? Or if left in place make it something like TODO (feature added in 2.62)?

I would like to find out more about how I may help with this task. I am new to contributing but have dabbled with blender since 2.50.

First thing to do is to find a todo that you would like to work with. You will need some sort of text editor program such as Atom. You can then use atom to search the manual for todo 2 this will show all the todos needed to be fixed for this task.

Then you can pick one of these and fix it and submit a patch following the guide on

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