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3D Connexion Space Mouse Pro - Blender 2.82a on macOS
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macOS Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)
3D Connexion 3dWare10 10.6.5

Blender 2.82a

The mouse appears to almost match the 3D Connexion training app in terms of movement when in object/edit mode but it would appear that none of the buttons & especially the MENU do not work.

I have installed the 3D Connexion drivers a second and third time with firewall and anti-virus off and the problem with these mice seem to persist.

This has been edited by another but im wondering if there is some resource file missing where keys are mapped, either this is a 3D Connexion plug in or something to do with Blender?

I've seen these tasks; It's still a problem for me.
T67686: NDOF mouse not working in code signed macOS builds
T67971: 3D Connexion Space Mouse Enterprise Custom Buttons 1-10 Not working in Blender 2.8 (macOS)

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Do you have added Blender in the configuration menu?

Yes and had to add Blender to that list as it wasn't there natively (which as 3D Connexion state Blender is certified surprised me!) Most of the settings are set as 3D Mouse. After some considerable time I discovered the only mouse button besides the Shift, ALT, Ctrl and ESC that work is the 1 and that needs to be held for more than a few seconds for a Pie Menu to appear with buttons 1 populated as Numpad the rest to be assigned.

Anticipate that the MENU would popup some 3D mouse settings as Windows users seem to get?

The other strange thing is the Application Command option is greyed out so clearly they are no respective key to application mappings

, you can adjust keystrokes but again you'd expect that to be pre populated, has someone does this ?

my bad wrong screen shot ...

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@AdeMorgan (AdeMorgan) I am looking at older reports, is this still an issue? Or have anything changed?

@Richard Antalik (ISS) yes, still an issue, Blender ignores the buttons settings that are configured in 3D Connexion.