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Running any script that will cause error several times with system console turned on causes crashes/freezes
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: Geforce 1080 8gb, 1070 8 gb

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.83-f716bb3b7102-windows64

Short description of error

I came across a weird bug whenever I run python code in text editor with system consoles panel turned on. If the code is destined to fail several times in a row, Beldner will freeze forever forcing you to close it down pressing alt+f4.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Based on the default startup or an attached .blend file (as simple as possible).

  1. Enable System console (Windows->Toggle System console)
  2. Enter a code that will cause errors in text editor
  3. Run your faulty code several times in a row

P.S. I have reported this bug a year ago here: and it was resolved back then. Now it's the same bug I'm experiencing.

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T73588: Blender doesn't respond while selecting system console and saving or opening another file
I had the IDE console open, but can't redo.
Other platforms don't have that console option in window menu, so added windows tag.

When this freeze occurs, have you tried focusing the console and pressing any key on your keyboard?

In windows, if you select(click) anything in the terminal, any further execution stops(ie. Blender freezes). I think sometimes it can even happen without any interaction. But when you press any key it will snap back to the bottom, and execution can continue.

Not sure if this is the case with all versions of Windows, but this has always been the case for me, and for a very long time I thought it was just Blender crashing, so I suspect this could be what's going on here?

Himanshi Kalra (calra) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Needs Information from User.May 15 2020, 2:08 PM

Cannot reproduce on Windows 10, 2.9 Alpha.
Can you update and try to reproduce?

It seems that before running the faulty script, something has to be selected in console. So steps are:

  • Prepare a faulty script.
  • toggle windows console.
  • select something in console
  • run faulty script & crash.

T76796: Blender often crashes when I save file with python script

In that case I'm not sure if this is a Blender bug.

According to T73588#868983, it is indeed a Windows feature. I will merge these tasks into that one, and let's have any further discussion in there. (The task is closed, but it can still be discussed.)