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Paint "Stroke Methods" doesn't mention use of CTRL+RCLK to draw curves
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In the Paint Editor, the dox for Draw/Stroke Method/Curve don't mention the use of CTRL+RightCLK to initiate drawing of the curve.

The also erroneously mention the use of CTRL+LeftCLK to add additional control points to a curve, to whit:

**Add Points Ctrl-LMB
You can define additional curve control points by using Ctrl-LMB. The handles can define by dragging the mouse before releasing the mouse button.**

The correct action is CTRL+RCLK, again.

Also missing is the workflow to determine the location of newly created control points on the curve: it's "after" (in curve-creation terms) the selected control point, UNLESS the user selects the first point, in which case a new 'first' point is created.