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Deps: ffmpeg 4.2.3
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For 2.90 ffmpeg has been updated to 4.2.3, all platforms will need to update the svn libs and build scripts

Included in this update are

FFmpeg : 4.2.3
libogg : 1.3.4
flac   : 1.3.3
vpx    : 1.8.2
xvid   : 1.3.7
x264   : 33f9e1474613f59392be5ab6a7e7abf60fa63622

for install_deps there's a few url changes in rB5db2d9c82b7f that may prove to be helpful, finding a link for x264 is challenging

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So as noted in comment in rB60bed34f165b, FFMPEG 4.3.2… does not yet exist. Looks like it should be 4.2.3?

That kind of mistake is a bit annoying…

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I agree, unfortunate typo