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EEVEE: Render AO pass even when AO setting is disabled in Scene
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In Blender 2.82 it was possible to render AO pass without having it enabled in the Scene. In Blender 2.83 you could only render the AO pass when it was enabled in the Scene. The reason behind this change is that rendering the AO pass influeces the light in EEVEE surface shading. There could be a case that the scene AO was disabled but as the AO Pass was enabled the AO was visible in the Combined and Light passes.

We could add some logic around the AO pass to bind the texture when performing the surface shading.

See for more context

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Proposed solution could be to attach a pixel as AO pass with the value indicating 'no occlusion horizon'

Possible difference when node_ambient_occlusion is being used. Need to test what this node does when AO is disabled.