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Quadro GPUs: Blender 2.83 will not open
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System Information
Operating system: Win 10 Pro
CPU: i7, 64-bit, 8 core
RAM: 16 GB
Display: 1600 x 1200
Input: mouse, keyboard, 3D Connexion 3D mouse, Wacom Cintiq
GPU: nVidia Quadro FX4800, 5+ GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3

Blender Version
Broken: 2.83 LTS, download 8 June 2020
Worked: 2.82a. Has been working fine.

Short description of error

  1. Installed 2.83
  2. Tried to start from desktop shortcut and double-clicking .exe.
  3. Command Prompt window briefly opens. Application frame opens for a couple seconds, then disappears.
  4. Tried rebooting and repeating. Same result.
  5. Checked minimum requirements and pass

Other info: Installed on newer Surface Pro 2. Launched and loaded normally. However, though this machine is older, it still meets minimum specs found here:

relavant bit from crash.txt


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Robert Guetzkow (rjg) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Needs Information from User.Jun 9 2020, 12:22 PM

Make sure that you have the latest driver installed for your GPU. Please download Blender 2.90 from here, open Blender's installation directory and double click on the blender_debug_gpu.cmd. This will start Blender in debug mode and create log files. Try to make Blender crash again. Once it crashes the Windows Explorer should open and show you two files. Add them to your bug report by clicking on the upload button as shown in the screenshot below.

Dave Rank (rccDave) added a comment.EditedJun 9 2020, 2:32 PM

Robert: Thank you.
The drivers are the newest nVidia has for that card, so yes, they are up-to-date.
The two debug files are attached.
I noticed 2.83 also had that gpu debug cmd script. I take it you wanted me to run 2.9 alpha because it's newer?

@Dave Rank (rccDave) Blender 2.90 includes a feature that gives us a proper stack trace to identify the issue.

I see. Thanks. Hopefully those two files give you what you need to find the issue.

@Dave Rank (rccDave) please upload this file too

Here you go.

Ankit Meel (ankitm) renamed this task from Blender 2.83 will not load to Quadro GPUs: Blender 2.83 will not open.Jun 10 2020, 4:21 PM
Ankit Meel (ankitm) changed the task status from Needs Information from User to Confirmed.
Ankit Meel (ankitm) updated the task description. (Show Details)

Full stack trace:

ucrtbased.dll!00007ff8f1917c75() (Unknown Source:0)
ucrtbased.dll!00007ff8f1917e13() (Unknown Source:0)
ucrtbased.dll!00007ff8f192e01d() (Unknown Source:0)
blender.exe!GPU_draw_list_command_add(GPUDrawList * list, int v_first, int v_count, int i_first, int i_count) Line 895 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\gpu\intern\gpu_batch.c:895)
blender.exe!draw_indirect_call(DRWShadingGroup * shgroup, DRWCommandsState * state) Line 728 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager_exec.c:728)
blender.exe!draw_call_batching_flush(DRWShadingGroup * shgroup, DRWCommandsState * state) Line 975 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager_exec.c:975)
blender.exe!draw_call_batching_finish(DRWShadingGroup * shgroup, DRWCommandsState * state) Line 1081 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager_exec.c:1081)
blender.exe!draw_shgroup(DRWShadingGroup * shgroup, DRWState pass_state) Line 1249 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager_exec.c:1249)
blender.exe!drw_draw_pass_ex(DRWPass * pass, DRWShadingGroup * start_group, DRWShadingGroup * end_group) Line 1305 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager_exec.c:1305)
blender.exe!DRW_draw_pass(DRWPass * pass) Line 1345 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager_exec.c:1345)
blender.exe!OVERLAY_grid_draw(OVERLAY_Data * vedata) Line 225 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\engines\overlay\overlay_grid.c:225)
blender.exe!OVERLAY_draw_scene(void * vedata) Line 496 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\engines\overlay\overlay_engine.c:496)
blender.exe!drw_engines_draw_scene() Line 1047 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager.c:1047)
blender.exe!DRW_draw_render_loop_ex(Depsgraph * depsgraph, RenderEngineType * engine_type, ARegion * region, View3D * v3d, GPUViewport * viewport, const bContext * evil_C) Line 1514 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager.c:1514)
blender.exe!DRW_draw_view(const bContext * C) Line 1397 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\draw\intern\draw_manager.c:1397)
blender.exe!view3d_draw_view(const bContext * C, ARegion * region) Line 1609 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\editors\space_view3d\view3d_draw.c:1609)
blender.exe!view3d_main_region_draw(const bContext * C, ARegion * region) Line 1634 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\editors\space_view3d\view3d_draw.c:1634)
blender.exe!ED_region_do_draw(bContext * C, ARegion * region) Line 543 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\editors\screen\area.c:543)
blender.exe!wm_draw_window_offscreen(bContext * C, wmWindow * win, bool stereo) Line 689 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\windowmanager\intern\wm_draw.c:689)
blender.exe!wm_draw_window(bContext * C, wmWindow * win) Line 812 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\windowmanager\intern\wm_draw.c:812)
blender.exe!wm_draw_update(bContext * C) Line 1013 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\windowmanager\intern\wm_draw.c:1013)
blender.exe!ghost_event_proc(GHOST_EventHandle__ * evt, void * C_void_ptr) Line 1431 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\windowmanager\intern\wm_window.c:1431)
blender.exe!GHOST_CallbackEventConsumer::processEvent(GHOST_IEvent * event) Line 41 (c:\blender-git\blender\intern\ghost\intern\GHOST_CallbackEventConsumer.cpp:41)
blender.exe!GHOST_EventManager::dispatchEvent(GHOST_IEvent * event) Line 86 (c:\blender-git\blender\intern\ghost\intern\GHOST_EventManager.cpp:86)
blender.exe!GHOST_EventManager::dispatchEvent() Line 96 (c:\blender-git\blender\intern\ghost\intern\GHOST_EventManager.cpp:96)
blender.exe!GHOST_EventManager::dispatchEvents() Line 102 (c:\blender-git\blender\intern\ghost\intern\GHOST_EventManager.cpp:102)
blender.exe!GHOST_System::dispatchEvents() Line 221 (c:\blender-git\blender\intern\ghost\intern\GHOST_System.cpp:221)
blender.exe!GHOST_DispatchEvents(GHOST_SystemHandle__ * systemhandle) Line 277 (c:\blender-git\blender\intern\ghost\intern\GHOST_C-api.cpp:277)
blender.exe!wm_window_process_events(const bContext * C) Line 1636 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\windowmanager\intern\wm_window.c:1636)
blender.exe!WM_main(bContext * C) Line 475 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\blender\windowmanager\intern\wm.c:475)
blender.exe!main(int argc, const unsigned char * * UNUSED_argv_c) Line 530 (c:\blender-git\blender\source\creator\creator.c:530)
blender.exe!invoke_main() Line 79 (d:\agent\_work\5\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl:79)
blender.exe!__scrt_common_main_seh() Line 288 (d:\agent\_work\5\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl:288)
blender.exe!__scrt_common_main() Line 331 (d:\agent\_work\5\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl:331)
blender.exe!mainCRTStartup() Line 17 (d:\agent\_work\5\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_main.cpp:17)
kernel32.dll!00007ff904a67bd4() (Unknown Source:0)
ntdll.dll!00007ff906a0ce51() (Unknown Source:0)

fails on

void GPU_draw_list_command_add(
    GPUDrawList *list, int v_first, int v_count, int i_first, int i_count)

list->commands is NULL.

issue is that USE_MULTI_DRAW_INDIRECT evaluates to false. Perhaps this is a codepath that needs more testing as it should have initialized this. Seems to be a blender issue, not a driver issue so would be fixable.

When forcing USE_MULTI_DRAW_INDIRECT to 0 Blender starts. Does this means that the card say it does support it, but out logic does not cover all requirements?

list->commands = glMapBufferRange errors with GL_INVALID_ENUM
We use GL_DRAW_INDIRECT_BUFFER which isn't supported by opengl 3

My solution would be to add a check for opengl4