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OpenXR works on SteamVR
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Hi Tobias,

sorry for assigning this to you, but I see you have adited most of this page.
Please include that, as of now, SteamVR (i.e. the Valve Index) has working OpenXR support.
All the user needs to do is to switch to the beta branch of SteamVR.

Then Blender 2.83 works out of the box.

Again, sorry for bothering you.

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Julian Eisel (Severin) claimed this task.EditedJun 12 2020, 2:56 PM

Although Tobias did edits, the one responsible for the contents would be me. SteamVR OpenXR support is very new (yesterday!), I'm just doing the necessary bits (e.g. see rBf12fe3c23eb4, checking with the 2.83 LTS team on backporting a color-management workaround, talking to Valve to coordinate some things, discussing how this affects overall planning, ...). Updating the docs is part of that.

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Finally got around to update the manual, rBM6800, rBM6801, rBM6802.