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UV Island Copy/Paste
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When working with multiple UV island you want to be able to stack them when using trim sheets etc. Blender doesn't have a stacking feature, making the process time consuming, especially if you want to do the same process for things like fences etc that has a lot of UV islands. In other applications this is a one button press to stack UV Shells. This feature request is also discussed here:


Instead of having a “stack uv islands” feature it’s better to use copy/paste UV.

Why not “stack uv islands”?

  • How would the code possibly “know” which UV coordinate is the source if the current object contains multiple uv island that are matching in vertex count? Therefore it’s better with copy/paste functionality.

What is better with copy/paste?:

  • It is very clear how to define the source UV coordinate (selecting UV’s and “pressing copy UV”).
  • The code can store multiple source UV islands coordinates. Therefore it is fewer clicks for the user.

Starting point

Step 1

The user press the button “copy uv”

  • Based on current selection - a list is stored in memory per UV island containing
    • Vertex count
    • Vertex index
    • Uv position per vertex index

Select target UV

Step 2

The user selects one or multiple objects (only one object selected in this example)

Note that in next step (step 3) the selected uv island will match the uv’s per UV island stored in memory. The first UV island found in memory that matches the vertex count of the current selected UV island in current code iteration (for loop) will get the same UV coordinates as the matching UV island in memory.

Paste UV

Step 3

The user presses the button “paste UV”. The two smaller islands in the image will now have “stacked” uv islands that sit on top of each other.

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And what about addon Magic Uv?

What if I just need to select similar UV islands and then stack them? In UVPackMaster addon I can do it in 3 clicks 1) Select a UV, 2) Press Select similar, 3) Press Align similar. Same in TexTools addon. I dont want to do it in Magic UV copy/paste way. It's inconvenient

Sorry for the messy initial version of this feature suggestion. I've been on vacation and got back yesterday, so I cleaned it up just now

Is this what Magic UV does?

(it is not perfect in all scenarios - just dropping this as a reference)

Yes, it is similair to what MAGIC UV is supposed to do. The biggest difference is that this feature suggestion works with multiple uv island selection sources and targets

Also, I've always had a lot of issues with getting MAGIC UV to work. In this example I'm using the latest stable blender and bundled version of MAGIC UV

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@Daniel Bystedt (dbystedt)

I'm not sure whether this thread is still valid or not.
But I want to share my information on this thread.

"Copy/Paste UV Island" (Topological based Copy/Paste UV) feature is also requested from Magic UV users.
I have worked to add this feature to Magic UV for some weeks, and have finished recently.

I will release this feature in next Magic UV's release (v6.6), but you can try this feature from the unstable version.
If you are interested in trying this feature, you can try it.
(Check Magic UV > Copy/Paste UV > Island in UV Editor)

I hope this feature is useful for you.

This feature is a must have and desperately needed for gamedev UV workflow. Selecting similar islands is a common feature with multiple UV addons (TexTools, UV Toolkit, Zen UV and etc) but I would be glad to have at least a copy paste method.
I would also like to mention that you should be able to pack these overlapping islands as one shell, which means being able to group those islands together so that packing algorithm though of those as a single uv island.

@Ramil Roosileht (Limarest)

Pack UV with grouping Island is also useful.
This feature has already requested and I found the solution to support.

I am going to release improved version in next release (Magic UV v6.6).
So, it is pleasure to wait until my development is finished.