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Grid & Pixel snapping in the UV editor
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Daniel Bystedt (dbystedt)
Jun 28 2020, 8:52 PM
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It would be very helpful to have grid and pixel snapping in the UV editor. Also, being able to quickly snap the 2d cursor to a vertex and then rotate from the 2d cursors pivot point would be great. We can currently snap the 2d locator to vertices by using shift+S and use "cursor to selected", but being able to snap to vertices directly could speed up the process when creating modular assets for environments.


Add new options to the UV snapping menu.

  • Dynamic grid
  • Pixel

See more info about dynamic grid here

Dynamic grid = 4 (4 grids per UV unit)Dynamic grid = 2 (2 grids per UV unit)

The dynamic grid represents
1 UV unit / X = 1 dynamic grid unit

WARNING: Undesired behaviour

With current behaviour of increment snapping and moving in positive X (i.e. positive U)

The snapping happens on every 0.0626 UV unit. I have no idea how to change the snapping value

Desired behaviour - starting point (part 1)

Green arrow shows intended mouse movement and snap target when using “snap to dynamic grid”.

Desired behaviour - final snap result (part 2)

Green dot shows snap point for where dynamic grid and closest vertex meet up when using “snap to dynamic grid”.

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Hi. I'd love it if you guys check out my small proposals about UV editor UI, both garnered some attention on rightclickselect

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