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RNA warning writes/reads outside allocated memory
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WARN (rna.define): /home/jeroen/blender-git/blender/source/blender/makesrna/intern/rna_define.c:1676 RNA_def_property_ui_text: 'Beginner friendly mode will show only the most important settings and hide more advanced settings that are not as commonly used in basic simulations. Enabling this will simplify the UI and help you focus on the simulation settings that matter the most while you learn. This setting is also available from the FLIP Fluids toolbox menu.' description from 'beginner_friendly_mode' '' ený

Message should end with '' ends with a '.' ! but better we should crop the text so the message can still fit in memory

This happens in debug builds latest blender 2.90 {7fcb6bc59c85beab36dbfcec91d0cfaf5291f029}

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Potentially critical actually... Code in CLOG is doing very stupid things when dealing with long strings!