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render gives different results on 32-bit, 64-bit platforms
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Group: current SVN version
Category: Rendering (intern)

Running debug (or release) builds from SVN under linux: using Ubuntu feisty for each with all recent updates.

Using the attached blend, render on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms using F12 (sample images from each are also included in the file). Lighting differences are noticeable on left and right cylinders.

Also when rendering, frame of render window reports different number of faces (background rendering returns the same results):

32-bit: Fra:1 Mem:0.42M Sce: Scene Ve:204 Fa:258 La:2
64-bit: Fra:1 Mem:0.51M Sce: Scene Ve:204 Fa:262 La:2

I'd try to track down what's going on but the render code scares me.



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