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GPencil: Import SVG files
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Status: Import SVG files inside grease pencil drawings.


Commissioner: @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov), @Matias Mendiola (mendio), @Daniel Martinez Lara (pepeland)
Project leader: @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov)
Project members: @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov), @Matias Mendiola (mendio), @Daniel Martinez Lara (pepeland), @Falk David (filedescriptor)


Big picture: This import will allow to import drawings doen in other softwares to be used in grease pencil.

Use cases:

  • Import drawings done in other softwares.


  • The Gradients and Textures will not be imported.
  • For parsing SVG, NanoSVGopensource library is required.

Engineer plan:

After looking at several SVG parsers, we have decided to use NanoSVG because it's a very small library (only a header file) and covers all requirements. Other libraries are powerful and have a lot of features that we are not going to use never. Also, these other libraries are big and have a lot of dependencies.

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Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) changed the task status from Needs Triage to Confirmed.Aug 18 2020, 12:25 PM
Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) created this task.

Sorry to bother you but I'm doing a project which requires svg import and I'm struggling with the standard blender 2.8 branch, from 2.81 through 2.9 - I've been getting confused experimenting with all the eps 2 svg options in Illustrator and hope for a more reliable and simple path (excuse the pun)

This is an awesome feature and I was exited to see development so recently but I'm a bit unfamiliar with the developer site and how to find my way around so I hope you might be kind enough to point me to the most promising branch for svg to grease pencil?
Thanks in advance and Power to you fab folks for your work

@Nigel Haslam (nigelhaslam) There isn't a branch with the SVG importer yet. My plan is put the patch for review in the next weeks (I'm waiting for a prerequisite). When the patch is ready, you just can download and test it. Also, I want put the SVG exporter for review.

Thanks Antonio,

I look forward to the patch when it's ready.

One issue I've identified with importing from illustrator files is where there is any shading in the vector. It appears that shading is achieved through many many layers of different colour overlaid on top of each other with only a tiny slice visible to the front view. I can't imagine how your importer may deal with this but I'm praying that it might because it's a pain trying to select and simplify such vector files.

Please find a sample attached. I separated the heads with the gradient effect into a separate file but include the original file too because I'm a novice in Illustrator and can't be sure my export will have worked properly.



Gradients are not supported because there is no way to convert to grease pencil. Here it is the result.

Cleaning the darwing....

Also... @Nigel Haslam (nigelhaslam) - I think you could/should clean up the SVG file before you try and import it, as it is not a nice SVG to begin with (with all those fake gradients). But it is pretty OK without them. Tools like Inkscape or Affinity Designer can help to do that.

For fun... I have included a conversion - which went through Affinity Designer and some conversion processes before ending up in Blender. ++ I added some new fakey eyebrow highlights.

Hey guys,
Thanks heaps for your replies. Your results look better than mine. I struggled in Illustrator, which as a veteran VFX jockey, I'm not familiar with at all.
My SVG imports to Blender needed a lot of work moving layers apart and various attempts converting from curves to mesh then to Grease Pencil
I will look at Affinity Designer and Inkscape.
@Sam Cogheil (SimplSam) Would you be kind enough to send me the cleaned up blend file? I'd like to see what you did there.

It all looks very promising and I await the release of the patch eagerly. Still have a few weeks to go before I'm finished with this job and I'm thinking you might be the cavalry!

Does this forum have a Private Message feature?

@Sam Cogheil (SimplSam) No, but the supports private messages.

@Sam Cogheil (SimplSam) I could meet you on Blender chat if that's what you're thinking...
Timing may be tricky, I'm in Byron Bay, the easternmost coastal town in Australia. GMT +10
or my email is

..... prerequisite). When the patch is ready, you just can download and test it.
Also, I want put the SVG exporter for review.

hi Antonio Vazquez

Do you mean make a new 'exporter add on'
or you want to update the line style svg exporter ?
(which would be great)

@winnie (winnie-jo) I'm developing a totally new exporter to SVG for grease pencil in C++, not an add-on.

winnie (winnie-jo) added a comment.EditedAug 29 2020, 3:01 AM

Is that for stills or also animations ?