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Quad View Exiting Behavior
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Users coming from other software expect Quad View to behave a certain way. Since rBd71db08f6d31, when exiting Quad View we always toggle to the User Perspective (top right) view, rather than the one the mouse currently hovers. That differs from what users probably expect (see T43523, T42462, T42368, T43452, T69717).
It should not be hard to get the (presumably) expected behavior to work again while addressing the reasons it was removed.

Quick proposal:

  • Maximize the hovered view when exiting Quad View
  • Keep rotation of that view locked if it wasn't the User Perspective one
  • Keep the view transform of the User Perspective stored so when going back to Quad View, it shows that in the top right.

For more details, see rBd71db08f6d31.

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Keep rotation of that view locked if it wasn't the User Perspective one

I suspect users will push to have this restriction removed, since locking to the view will feel quite restrictive if you quickly want to look at the other side.
While we could make it work as if the user had entered one of the other quad views, that only works for 2 of the other axis aligned views.

I'm not sure of a good general solution to this though, either:

  • You set it back to side view when enabling quad view again.
  • This becomes the "User" view, replacing the original user view.

So +1 to try this, I can just imagine users not liking the locked state at all (happy to be proven wrong though).