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Sculpt Mode Transform Tool improvements
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Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606)
Sep 2 2020, 8:21 PM
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This is a list of task that need to be done to improve the functionality and usability of the transform operator and tools in sculpt mode.

This is the first important step to allow intuitive interactions with the transform gizmo. It needs to be visible while adjusting its location & orientation.

We need to disable custom transform custom origins and orientations. In sculpt mode, sculpt transform should always use the SculptSession pivot space. There should be an operator to set this space orientation to local, global, 3D cursor... which will modify the SculptSession pivot. The gizmo should always show the SculptSession pivot position and orientation. This ensures that vertices are always rotated and scaled using the correct space.

  • D9540: Sculpt: Option to transform only the sculpt pivot Add an option to transform only the pivot position. This will use the gizmo to transform the ScultpSession pivot without applying the transformation to the vertices. This can be added as a property of the transform operator and exposed in the TopBar for the sculpt mode transform tools.
  • Add an operator to easily align the SculptSession pivot. For example, an operator that rotates the pivot X axis towards the point in the sculpt under the mouse cursor.

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