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Align Tools addon breaks bpy.ops.object.align operator
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Pagename: addons/object/align_tools

Once the Align Tools addon is enabled it makes bpy.ops.object.align operator to not work.

The line bellow works without the addon enabled but returns error once it is enabled. (Blender needs restart without the Align Tools enabled to verify)

bpy.ops.object.align(align_mode='OPT_2', relative_to='OPT_1', align_axis={'Y'})

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Start Blender, (Disable Align Tools if enabled and restart Blender)
  • Move default cube on Y Axis
  • With cube selected run bpy.ops.object.align(align_mode='OPT_2', relative_to='OPT_1', align_axis={'Y'})

It will align the cube to Y=0

  • Now enable Align Tools addon and re-run previous step, it will give an error.