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Pie menu don't work with the Armature
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System Information
Operating system: Windows-10-10.0.18362-SP0 64 Bits
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1080/PCIe/SSE2 NVIDIA Corporation 4.5.0 NVIDIA 451.67

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.90.0, branch: master, commit date: 2020-08-31 11:26, hash: rB0330d1af29c0
Worked: 2.83.6, branch: master, commit date: 2020-09-09 07:32, hash: `rB8610c697773e

Addon Information
Name: Rigify (0, 6, 1)
Author: Nathan Vegdahl, Lucio Rossi, Ivan Cappiello, Alexander Gavrilov

Short description of error
If the Armature is selected in obejct or pose mode when and I press tab, the Pie menu wont open. If I'm in edid mode wiht the Armature then press tab, then the Pie menu opens.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Have the Pie menu addon active. (Not the Use Interface: Pie Menu)
  2. Press Ctrl + A to add an Armature and selct a bone.
  3. when the Armature is selected in object mode, and you press the Tab key, it will go t0o Pose mode and if you press tab again, it goes to object mode.
  4. If you are in Edit mode with the Armature, then press Tab, then the Pie menu opens.

The Pie Mneu on Drag potion makes the Pie menu on Armature don't work

[Based on the default startup or an attached .blend file (as simple as possible)]

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