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Set hotkeys for frequently used modifiers
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Some of the most frequently used modifiers do not have hotkeys. But some of the rarely used have hotkeys.
Therefore, most users can't use hotkeys for modifiers and they spend time selecting the desired element.

I suggest moving hotkeys from rarely used modifiers to frequently used ones:

  • "S" set for "Subdivision Surface", move from "Mesh Sequence Cache"
  • "M" set for "Mirror", move from "Mesh Cache"
  • "U" set for "Multiresolution", move from "UVProject"
  • "O" set for "Boollean", move from "Ocean" ("B" leave on "Bevel")

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Hans Goudey (HooglyBoogly) claimed this task.

These are generated automatically actually, so we can't really place them manually for each item.

Also, you could probably imagine how much time it would take to do this with each enum in Blender, in every language too. It's just unfeasible.

This morning I was working on a search menu for adding modifiers. Maybe if that gets into Blender that would help.

Thanks for the feedback anyway though. (Although stuff like this is better left for other places besides the bug tracker).

If it is impossible to add hotkeys, maybe you can add a search filter.
I wrote it here:

I have a patch for that here: D8927