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outliner mode change behaviour
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In this post I read:
[..]Clicking the mode icon next to the active object removes it and all
other objects from the current mode.[..]

So within the outliner I can switch objects in edit mode, which is fine.
When I left click on the "mode icon next to the active object" after that I cannot enter
edit mode from within the outliner, although I could as long as at least one object was in edit mode.
Is this an intentional restriction ? UPDATE: In T80757#1016609, @Nathan Craddock (Zachman) wrote: This was a conscious decision.
So it seems intentional. but why?

  1. TAB key also only works on the 3D view. Why not also in the outliner?
  1. Clicking another object than the active one, also removes all others from edit mode, but does not exit edit mode and makes the selected one active. I think that is confusing now: Clicking on that icon this way has 2 different behaviours:
    • if on the active object it closes edit mode for all objects (and even removes all the icons, no way to toggle back)
    • if not the active object is closes edit mode for all others, but remains in edit mode for the selected one
  1. SHIFT key is not expanding selection, only CTRL key does
  1. when in edit mode I pressed CTRL on such an icon (next to a non-active object) and then hold CTRL-key and hoover around, when I hoover back on that icon "Remove from current mode" is shown as small window there, although CTRL will simply toggle it (as long as others are also in the mode)

expected behaviour:

  • when clicking on that icon, this should toggle between the modes (but also if outside of edit mode) and for clarity it should not have 2 different behaviours
  • when pressing TAB in outliner, the active object should toggle modes as within 3D view
  • at least also SHIFT/CTRL key should behave as they do when selecting vertices/edges/faces within edit mode

Blender version:
OS: Win10PRO v2004

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This is not place to discuss design. I may agree with you on some points, but from what I can see there is no bug.