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New Dyntopo Functionality
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Authored By
Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606)
Oct 27 2020, 1:19 PM
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These are the features planned after the new Dyntopo optimisations and features in T82121 are done. The idea is to fully support Dyntopo in all features that were introduced in the last 5 versions of Blender, while introducing some new features that only make sense with Dyntopo.

  • Make geometry undo steps compatible with Dyntopo for
    • Voxel/Quadriflow
    • Trimming tools
    • Delete Face Set
    • Mask Slice
  • Make mask extract work with dyntopo.
  • Add an option to skip dyntopo topology updates per brush
  • Detail Flood Fill by Face Set.
  • Make Trimming tools flood fill the new face set with dyntopo detail size.
  • Investigate a new algorithm for smooth that has consistent strength between different mesh densities.
  • Option to enable Dyntopo in Draw Sharp, Grab and Smooth (if possible, these brushes needs original coordinates).
  • Option for the cloth, pose and boundary brushes to update the topology of the deformed area after the action is finished.
  • Unify the detail size of dyntopo and voxel to make them generate detail at similar resolutions.
  • Make project gesture tools update the topology after the action, making them automatically collapse the highly deformed edges.
  • Face Set extrude tool (can be mode option of Face Set edit, but I would rather have a separate operator).
  • Mask by detail size tool.
  • Init Face Sets by detail size.
  • Detail flood fill to average detail size.
  • Face Set split option for the Face Set line gesture tool.
  • Geometry Eraser brush (investigate if it is possible to make it erase from the center of the mesh, not only from the silhouette boundaries).
  • Insert geometry brush.
  • Edit Dyntopo detail size operator
  • Make Dyntopo generate geometry based on Sculpt Vertex Colors instead of edge length (areas with more color detail will have more geometry)
  • Dyntopo simplify by Sculpt Vertex Colors

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👍👍 to all of the mentioned plans. I am very happy to see Dyntopo getting the attention it deserves, thank you.

Option to enable Dyntopo in Draw Sharp, Grab and Smooth (if possible, these brushes needs original coordinates).

In case this is not applicable to Elastic Deform, please temporarily disable Dyntopo automatically as long as you operate the Elastic Deform brush, so Dyntopo won't slow down the Elastic Deform brush.

Thanks. 🙏

some interesting stuff here, but insert geometry in dyntopo? am i reading right? what's the point?