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Nodes editor context design
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We need a design to make the nodes editor context based.

For that we need an active (nodes) modifier in the modifier stack UI , as well as to know how the editor would look like (which options it needs)

Modifiers and the Geometry Nodes Editor interact similarly to Materials and the Shader Editor.

Active Modifier Node Group

Node Modifiers have an active state. This could be set by simply clicking on the modifier type icon (left to the name field).

Geometry Nodes Editor

The active Modifier Node Group will be displayed in the Geometry Node Editor.

Just like for Materials or Node Groups, a Modifier Node Group can be pinned to be always displayed regardless of the selection.

Modifier Node Group Picker

A dropdown popover will show a list of the Modifier Node Groups for the active object. To easily switch between them. This functionality is the same as in Materials.


Breadcrumbs will make it easier to identify which Object, Object Type, Modifier, and Node Group we are working on.

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